Derm Eyes Makeup Remover Wipes

During the week I was in the mood for mixing stuff up a bit and decided to try the Derm Eyes Makeup Remover Wipe which I got in a Birchbox a couple of months ago. I don’t generally use wipes on my face unless I get in at 3am and really don’t have the patience for my skincare routine at that time.

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Derm Eyes Makeup Remover Wipe 

So the wipes are individually wrapped and are surprisingly big which I liked. The texture of the wipe was nice like a cloth-type material so made it feel more luxurious than a normal wipe and you definitely don’t need to double up the layers.

The product on the wipe is fairly greasy and it smells like savoury herbs which I found a tiny bit off putting. I used this to take off my eye makeup only as after all it is formulated to be an eye makeup remover. It worked so well. I didn’t have to apply any pressure to get my mascara and eyeliner off. On this particular day I was wearing a long lasting gel liner and with this there was no problem getting it off whereas with other wipes and makeup removers I have had to wipe my eyeballs to within an inch of their life! However, I did find it left a kind of film on my skin around my eyes which didn’t feel very nice but I wasn’t too bothered as I just went on to do my normal evening skincare routine.

Overall, although I’m not too keen on the scent, I really liked these wipes and I see myself purchasing these in the near future just as they are a really nice no-hassle wipe and it pleasant to use without scratching my face off! These would be good for travelling as they are wrapped individually but I probably wouldn’t use them as part of my routine as they are quite expensive for what they are.

Let me know what other wipes you use!


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