Yay or Nay – Matte Nail Varnish?

One a lazy Sunday scrolling through Pinterest I found myself looking through pages and pages of nail art and various colours when I came across quite a few pictures of matte nails. It’s not for everyone I know but it just looks SO good! Admittedly I’m not one for salons and nail bars so I decided to hunt down some matte nail varnish online which is where I found it on the Ciatè website.


I was so excited when this beauty arrived. It comes in such a cute dinky box and I couldn’t wait to use it. The first time I used this I had just received a Birchbox with another Ciatè polish mini in the colour Pool Party which if I’m honest isn’t usually a colour I would go for just as it’s a tad too bright for me but I decided I might like it better with a matte top coat on…. and boy, did I!

WP_20160207_11_38_36_Pro (2)

I put the base colour on first, waited for it to dry properly and then applied the matte top coat as you normally would. When I first put it on I noticed it dried super quickly and as it was drying stripes started to form across my nail which I was a bit surprised at but on the next couple of nails I made sure there was an extra amount of the top coat on the brush and it applied really well and very smoothly.

WP_20160109_12_26_31_Pro (2)

I was so pleased with the finish… until it started chipping about 2 hours after I had only just done my nails. This I wasn’t as pleased about. I think that because it is so drying in order to have the matte texture it makes it more susceptible to chipping which is a bit disappointing, however, I feel like this would be brilliant to use for a night out or one off occasion as I just love the look and feel so much.

Have you found any other matte nail varnishes that I could try?


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