My February Favourites

I decided it might be quite fun to sit down and reflect on the month that’s just passed and actually take a minute to think about what I have been loving this month. There’s so many things I use on a daily basis I don’t ever just think about what I really like so I decided to limit myself to five things and I really enjoyed planning this post and I hope you enjoy reading it just as much!

It was really hard to just pick out 5 items as I have had so many new bits to try since Christmas and my own little shopping sprees (naughty me)! These aren’t in any particular order.

One – Benefit They’re real! Tinted Mascara Primer

So the Benefit They’re real! Tinted Mascara Primer is something I was skeptical about. I had their push up liner and just really didn’t get on with it so I just kept leaving this to the side. It’s something that I got in a Birchbox  so I have a sample size and I have been really loving it. I’ve been using it everyday to give my eyelashes volume and it really separates them and preps them ready for when I apply my mascara. I have such short eyelashes so this really helps and I will be buying the full size product.

Two – Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask 

WP_20160228_16_49_59_Pro (2)





I have been using this mask as lot more recently and my skin has felt so lovely (even if it doesn’t look it) and I’ve found it’s kind of stopped some of the patchy dryness which is really nice. I’m not going to talk about it too much as I did a whole post about it here





Three – Makeup Revolution Blush Palette Golden Sugar 

You’re probably thinking three pictures, is it necessary? Well frankly yes, yes it is because I am in love with this palette. I use it every day. I bought it late December and I used it so much to begin with but then I forgot about it until about 4 weeks ago and I literally rely on this for my everyday makeup now. I mix things up and the only one I haven’t used at all is the more purplely shade. I just love this for glow, blush, bronze and it’s all in one! When I go away in March I’m pretty sure this is the main thing I will be taking makeup wise. Also can I just mention this is only £6.00! Nothing more needs to be said.


Four – Soap and Glory Whipped Cream Shower Butter 

WP_20160228_16_46_22_Pro (2)




I hated this when I first got it. I thought why would I like to smell like a nutty creamy cake. However, I recently got back into using this as the winter dries my skin I thought I might as well use it up and since I have been using it more regularly and now that I am used to it I really like it. I love the texture as it’s so buttery and nourishing. It’s as if I can feel it sinking into my skin which is a bonus when you have lizard skin like mine.






Five – Clinique Liquid Facial Soap (Mild)

WP_20160228_16_40_35_Pro (2)



My last favourite for this month is this face wash. I am working my way through the Clinique mini’s that always come through with other purchases from them. I literally love this cleanser as it is so easy to use when you’re running late and the scent isn’t strong either which makes it quite refreshing. It always leaves my face feeling clean and ready for the day. It’s a cleanser there’s not much more to be said, I just really love it right now.


So there are my top 5 for February. What have you been loving this month?


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GlossyBox – Limited Edition

I am already subscribed to Glossy Box and I have never been disappointed yet so when I had an email come through about a limited edition box I was so excited I bought it there and then. About two weeks later it came through which was perfect timing as it arrived on my birthday eve!

The box itself has such a lovely glamorous design and I love this as I always make use with the beauty boxes that I get either by storing samples in or overflowing bits of makeup and it’s always a bonus when they look amazing on my shelf too.

WP_20160228_11_56_52_Pro (2)

Limited Edition Glossybox


Who wouldn’t want this on display?

Even though I had had a brief look on the website to see what would be in this box but completely forgot by the time I opened it which made it even better.

WP_20160228_12_10_05_Pro (2)

Contents of Glossybox

I literally cannot wait to have a proper chance to try all of the products in this amazing little beauty box. I have already used the Sanctuary Spa face mask and it was so hydrating and lovely to use. It seriously just sank right into my skin and it felt so soft, smooth and light in the morning with no marks or residue to have to worry about getting on my bed sheets or anything. There was actually a Sanctuary Spa sleeping eye mask included in the box but I have taken it out because I have already been using it and I’m finding it surprisingly nice

I’m also super interested in the Aurelia Miracle Cleanser not only does it look so cute but it says it’s made with bio-organic ingredients which is really interesting and I’ve been looking at their website and I think I might already be tempted to try a couple of things so I will keep you updated.

Once I’ve tried everything I will do little reviews on everything.

Let me know if you are subscribed to any beauty boxes and if there are any I should try!


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Mark Hill – Straight Talking Cream

I have quite long hair so it’s important to me to at least try and attempt to keep it looking and feeling its best. A few posts ago I discussed the Superdrug own brand hair heat protectors and overall I wasn’t that impressed by them, however, a couple of days after posting I decided to start the Mark Hill Straight Talking Cream which I don’t think is actually sold now as I can only find the shampoo and conditioner version. I got this for £2.00 on sale in boots and I’m really disappointed that I can’t find it now because it seems to be the best hair heat protecting cream I have come across in a while. I think Mark Hill have a new collection out which might be why I can’t find this anywhere so when I finish the cream I will definitely be tempted to purchase those instead.

WP_20160207_11_09_51_Pro (2)

Mark Hill Staightening Cream 

My hair is already straight but sometimes when I don’t have time to style it I like to use this solely as a heat protector for when I blow dry my hair. I rub a small amount between my fingertips and run them through the ends of my hair as that’s where mine is most damaged and it keeps any fly aways or split ends straight and not looking as shocking. The texture of the cream is quite lightweight and not sticky at all. It adds a really natural looking shine to my hair too which is always a bonus. I feel like every time I use this I can always style my hair differently for two or three days after the first wash with just this added so it’s not like others that leave your hair greasy and feeling like you want to wash it after one day.

WP_20151212_19_12_30_Pro (2)

Mug shot of my long hair after a blow dry 




What heat protectors do you generally use on your hair? Have you seen this anywhere else??!


A- x


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Kiko Milano Spree

I’ve been seeing over the last few weeks about the sales KIKO MILANO do and I had used their eyeliner before but couldn’t remember where I picked it up from so decided to have a little gander at the website and it sure did deliver. I was really pleasently surprised at the sale prices as the normal prices are already so reasonable and they always seem to have some sort of promotion or sale on. When looking over everything on the website I decided to go for a range of things and ended up with a total of 8 products although the lipstick and liner came as a set.

WP_20160221_13_57_02_Pro (2)


I chose the eyeliner because I had used one of theirs before and really enjoyed it, I decided to challend myself a bit more and go for a more chunky liner so got the Deep Black Eye Marker. I’m so pleased with it, although it’s a bit scary-looking due to it’s chunky appearance but it is so easy to use and I made fewer mistakes than when I use a thinner nib. This was a bargin at only £2.70 reduced from £7.90 which is still a reasonable price!

The problem that I have is small eyes and because of this I am always looking for things that make my eyes look bigger. I think a thinner eyeliner probably does a better job at this but I love the thick pen so much I will use it anyway! When I was playing around it made the finishing touches of such a lovely 60’s make up look so I might start doing that a bit more just for a bit of fun!

I also decided to go for a couple of their blushes purely because the colours looked so pretty and amazing and I think they are really wearable colours for spring/summer looks so I’m excited to start wearing! The one I am most intrigued by is the blush from the Rebel Bouncy Collection as it’s a beautiful coral colour.

I will be testing these out and experimenting with different looks with the blushes over the next couple of weeks so I will keep you posted!

Have you made any KIKO purchases, what are they?


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Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette

As soon as I heard about this palette I went into Boots and bought it straight away, didn’t even look at the price, I just wanted it. This year I want to try out more pinky shades on my eyes and I thought this would be the perfect way to start. I can tend to be a creature of habit with certain things and eye shadow was beginning to become one of those things and before I bought this I would automatically reach for my Clinique eye shadow trio as it was in the ‘safety zone’. However, although it doesn’t look used, I have been making a special effort to choose these eye shadows by only putting this eye shadow palette in my make up bag and leaving the rest in their drawers. I don’t use the brush/applicator it came with because I never do, I normally don’t like them so I just go straight in with what I’m used to.

WP_20160217_17_29_15_Pro (2)

The packaging is really nice and simple with a rose gold plastic case and a lovely sized window so you can see all of the colours. It does feel quite flimsy and cheap but it was only £7.99 on offer in Boots when I bought it so I’m not going to complain too much!

WP_20160207_11_21_23_Pro (2)

There are 12 shades in total and most of the top row are what I call nudey, easy-going shades with the bottom row being darker and for more of a night out look. I feel like this has been laid out really well with there being opportunities to use all of the shades whether it is individually, quads, trios or all other combinations.

WP_20160217_19_02_21_Pro (2)

For my every day make up is use shades 1 and 3 on my eyelid and 8 on my lower lashes smudged in.All of them have some degree of shimmer going through them which I love because it jazzes my look up a bit but not so much so that I look like a diva 24/7 and I must admit I am a little intimidated by the last darkest shade!

The Slightly Scary Shade

The Scary One 

Although I have mainly been using these colours for everyday work make up, I have used them for an evening out with friends a couple of times which I really like the idea of because if I staying away from home or something I feel like I could take this with me and if I decided to go out or my plans changed then I could mix up my look without having to panic or buy anything new.

WP_20160217_18_51_12_Pro (2)

Nude Blushes bottom row 

Overall this isn’t my favourite eye shadow palette but I do love all the looks you can create with it. One thing I will say is some of the colours are slightly wishy washy and not as pigmented as other colours in the palette but generally they sit really well and are easy to blend. I love using this for creating neutral look and getting some every day shimmer on my face especially as spring is coming up I feel like these really brighten my eyes and face.

Have you tried the Maybelline Nude or Blushed Nude palette? What do you think?

A- x

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Garnier Dark Spot Corrector

My skin is not the best mainly due to a couple of medical issues that mean my skin gets dry unexpectedly and I have these under-skin spots and random dark patches on my cheeks which makes it difficult not to want to wear make up ALL THE TIME.

WP_20160214_10_51_31_Pro (2)

My Skin 

Even though I moisturise in the morning and evening after cleansing I thought it might be worth trying a more targeting cream. the problem with me is that my skin feels really nice and smooth it just doesn’t look nice or smooth which is so frustrating as when it looks like a spot is forming it doesn’t it just turns to dry patches and red marks like in the picture above.

WP_20160207_11_08_46_Pro (2)


I mostly went for this product as it is really affordable and as I haven’t used many targeting creams I didn’t particularly want to spend too much on it. The Garnier Dark Spot Corrector is only £9.99 in Superdrug and is made for all skin types and tones.


It claims to ‘fade discolourations for even skintone’ by focusing on ‘dark spots, age spots, blemish marks.’ It also contains vitamin C so I thought this was really interesting as I have some real areas I wanted it to work on! This can be used morning or evening but I have only been using it in the morning before I apply make up as it is really hydrating and sinks in straight away.


WP_20160207_11_08_20_Pro (2)



It smells so amazing and fresh although slightly metallic at the same time. I have only been using it for about 5 weeks and on the packaging it says most people saw a reduction of blemishes after 8-12 weeks so I am waiting to form a full opinion of it. So far I haven’t seen any reduction at all but I am hopeful (perhaps a little too much). One thing I will add is that I am slightly disappointed this has no SPF rating which for a day cream you would expect it to have some sort of protection.

Is there any other skincare products that you can recommend that could help reduce or even combat my blemishes and under-skin spots?


A- x
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Superdrug Style Expertise Hair Prodcuts

Not so long ago on a little drugstore haul I was browsing the hair section in Superdrug as you do and I came across a small range of products I hadn’t seen in there before. I usually really like Superdrug own brand products as they’re normally sensitive-skin-friendly and they are cruelty free. They all seem to be numbered I think it’s 1-11 but don’t quote me on that and they are all tailored towards different things. I picked up the number 3 which is the Blow Dry Straightening Crème and the number 6 which is the protecting heat styling spray. I decided to go for these in particular just because that’s what I was looking to replace. If I’m honest I’m not the kind of girl that puts 100% into my hair everyday and this is mainly because I can’t do hair, I really do look like a 7 year old that has just had a full on busy day at school – it’s bad. However, I still always use a heat protector when I blow dry my hair, that is since I started blow drying my hair!

Since the summer I have been loving L’orèal Paris Hot and Smooth Straight cream. I find it nice to apply and it never fails to make my hair feel better than it looks! As much as I like this I have a short attention span and get a bit bored now and then which is why I decided to mix it up a little!

WP_20160207_11_40_22_Pro (2)

Superdrug Hair Protectors


I was so excited to try these out and see if these had what it takes to tame my mane I in fact washed my hair when I got in just so I could use them. My hair’s in good condition now that I haven’t dyed it for a couple of years and I get it cut around every 4 months. I don’t know if you are meant to get it done more or less often but my hair is so long I just end up feeling bad for the hairdresser when I tell her I only want the ends off and the poor woman is practically laying on the floor to get to the ends!

Getting back on track – I went for the spray as I knew I was only going to be at home for the rest of the day so wouldn’t actually be doing anything extra than drying it. I sprayed mainly to the ends and then gently ran my fingers through my hair just because I don’t like the feeling of brushing wet hair! When it was completely dry I ran my fingers through it again and I noticed not only did it look frazzled it was quite sticky and I didn’t use an excessive amount so I was a bit disappointed by this one and I haven’t used it since.

WP_20160209_19_14_59_Pro (2)

Texture of Style Expertise Straightening Crème

I did get over the initial disappointment and move on to the Blow Dry Straightening Crème . I put a small amount into my finger tips, rubbed it together and ran it through the ends of wet hair and dried as normal. It’s quite thick and slightly tacky to touch but I feel like this worked so much better with my hair, it dried nice and kept the frizz at bay and it smells good which is always a bonus, so I will be using this one again.

What drugstore heat protectors do you recommend? Do you have problems with sticky hair products?


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