Product of the Week #1

I have so many different products that I use and try out and some that never make it on to my blog simply because it would be impossible to write about everything. I thought it would be a really nice idea to do some posts focused on the products that sometimes never make it onto my blog, especially since I have started really making an effort to use up my sample sized products!

Today is all about the Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser I got this in a beauty box recently and since I’m working my way through my samples and my skin is struggling with the transition from Summer to Autumn/Winter so I thought this would be the perfect time to try it out. This is from their Age Reform range which I don’t buy hardly any anti-aging products specifically but it doesn’t matter particularly.

IMG_1127 (2).JPG

As you all probably know I have dry skin and it was getting a lot better but since the colder weather it really hasn’t been coping as well and none of my usual products seem to be working their magic right so I needed something to rescue my skin. This is a really gentle exfoliator and I have been using it all over my face three times a week because it’s not harsh on my skin at all.

It has a lovely creamy texture and it’s only once you start rubbing it into your skin that you notice the exfoliating granules in it. I love to concentrate this around my nose area and my cheeks because that’s where I tend to get horrible dry flaky skin that needs more attention.

I use this only in the evening time so I can put on a good moisturiser on after to sink in throughout the night and re-hydrate my face and when I wake up it always feels much more revived and frest. I always find that after using this, The next morning my makeup applies so beautifully and smoothly which is the best!

As far as would I buy the full size? I’m not really too sure because although it is a massive 200ml bottle, I’m not entirely sure that £34.00 is worth spending on a cleanser when there are others that I have yet to discover that are cheaper. For the time being, until my good-sized sample runs out, I am very happy using this up!

Let me know what Murad products you have tried, do you have the full size?



An Updated Skincare Routine

I wanted to update you all on my skin because it’s been so much better these past three or four months. By sticking to a good skincare routine I have managed to reduce my red blemishes on my cheeks and the under-skin spots as well as help my dry skin stay much more hydrated.


In the morning I like to use a basic cleanser because I don’t have too much time to get ready. My favourite one for the last few months has been The Body Shop Tea Tree foaming cleanser. I wet my hands and rub two pumps directly onto my face and then wipe off with a muslin cloth. It’s really quick, keeps my face clean and with it being a tea tree product it helps with my blemishes and prevents break outs.

IMG_2586 (2).JPG

I have also been using the Urban Veda Reviving Hydrating toner each time after cleansing. I got this in a beauty box and for a toner, it’s really gentle on my skin and I never get any horrible stinging which is such a bonus. The ingredients are mostly natural which helps a lot towards it being good and gentle on my skin.

Every day without fail I use my No 7 Beautiful Skin for normal/dry skin to moisturise. I did go through a faze of not using this and in the summer I used a serum as well as this moisturiser but for now I’m just sticking with this. It’s one of those products that I always find myself going back to, especially being someone who has dry skin it is something I rely on.


The past week or so I am very much guilty of not taking my makeup properly since I ran out of my micellar water I have resorted to using face wipes. After that though I have been using everyone’s favourite… the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. I love using this in the evenings because not only is the scent relaxing but the texture is really calming on my skin which helps with relaxing. After this I use the same toner as above because it’s really gentle and it smells so good!

IMG_2590 (2).JPG

I have really been loving the Malin & Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturizer too. I use this all over my face after toning and I like this one at night becasue it’s such a fast absorbing product. It’s water based and absorbs really well before I go to bed which I can’t stand sticky products on my face before going to sleep. This is also a really gentle cream and hardly has a scent so is a perfect night cream.

So that’s an update of the products I am currently using on my face. Let me know if you use any of these or have any ones I should try!


Tackling Those Sample Products!

So recently I received yet another beauty box that I am subscribed to and after I had finished looking through all the bits inside I went to put them away in my little beauty cave… There was no room! It struck me then that I need to somehow tackle all these sample sized goodies! I think I’m subscribed to three beauty boxes so that’s quite a lot of new things to try each month!

IMG_2568 (2).JPG

I have now set myself a challenge to try and use as many as these up a month and actually get more into trying new things. I’ve got myself stuck in a rut of only trying something I’ve heard about or something that smells good and that just isn’t good enough! For someone who loves all things beauty it’s hard to to put aside the time to go through everything you might want to try so I thought I might as well start with all the lovely beauty bits I already have!

I started by separating them into skincare, hair and nail care and makeup. The makeup bits made their way straight to my makeup bag and I was surprised that I hadn’t already used some of them (which is why it’s always good to have a sort out). Once I had them in their own little pile I put them in separate boxes so I can work my way through them evenly.

A lot of people usually used up these kind of products when they go away and what not but I don’t really like to take a new product away with me just in case it doesn’t work out too well or it causes me to break out or get irritated skin by it. I decided the best way is to work my way through gradually and I would do mini reviews of each thing once I have gone through enough and let you know which ones I have decided are worth purchasing in the full size.

Let me know if you have any samples you need to work your way through!


Top 5 Autumn Nail Varnishes

I’m sure most people agree that as the colder weather sets in and the darker evenings draw in our wardrobes adapt seamlessly; well so does my taste in nail polish colours. I just love wearing a warmer, darker colour on my nails during the autumn/winter months so in this post I will show you some of my favourite picks.

IMG_2435 (2).JPG

The first one is by No7 and this isn’t a brand I would automatically look for when shopping for nail varnish but this is such a brilliant product for the £6.00 price! I have the colour Totally Teal but I think they have renamed it because Cruising  looks exactly the same! One of the reasons I love this so much is the colour, it breaks it up from the various reds and maroon colours and lasts so well on my nails and have a beautiful texture.

The next one is by Ciate in the shade Dangerous Affair and if this isn’t an autumn colour the I don’t know what is! It’s the perfect deep burgundy/purple and as with all Ciate nail varnishes this applies really beautifully and has decent lasting power although not at good as the No7 Stay Perfect ones.

Barry M is pretty much in everyone’s and their mums nail polish collection so it’s no surprise that this one has made it into my top 5 during this season. It’s the shade Dark Side of the ‘Shroom which is absolutely stunning! The only way I can describe it is like a muddle purple but this lasts so  well on my nails and doesn’t chip horribly and crumbly like some do. This is definitely one of the ones I’ve worn the most the past few weeks.

IMG_2459 (2).PNG

Next up is Relentless Ruby by O.P.I and this is such a lovely ruby, berry colour that matches almost half my wardrobe right now. It adds such a lovely hint of colour to an all black outfit (which I wear quite a lot). I have a mini of this but should probably have the full size!

Lastly, is one by Avon which is so underrated because I have yet to be disappointed by any of their products! This one is in Red Velvet  and the quality of this is so good especially for the price. This deep red with a slight shimmer running through it stays on my nails so well and the shine it gives is literally the best. The only thing I would say about this is the applicator brush is quite big so does make it a little bit difficult but not the end of the world!

So that’s a round up of my top 5 nail varnishes for the autumn season. I have been loving all of these so much so far… are there any I need to try?!


Review: Makeup Revolution Ultra Cream Contour Palette

I feel like I’m probably unfashionably late to this party but I have only just recently delving into the cream contour world. I am so much more of a powder girl when it comes to contour but when such amazing brands bring out palettes like this for just £8.00 how can a girl resist?!

IMG_2056 (2).JPG

The Everyday Look

This is one of those palettes that is amazing for all types of makeup days and I really feel like this is a one palette covers it all product. For my everyday makeup I have only been sticking to just one contour shade (second in bottom row) which is such a good shade for me personally because it’s not too warm which prevents it from looking muddy. I use this to emphasise my cheek bones, add shadow to my temples and under my jawline to create more defined features as I have quite a chubby face.

The shade third on the top row I use as a brightening concealer under my eyes. All of these blend out so nicely it makes it so easy to use which was a lovely surprise when I was first starting to use this palette because I can’t stand thick waxy products on my face but the texture of these is beautiful. The consistency all the shades make it easy to blend and has definitely converted me! Also because of this it’s easy to apply either with fingers or a brush and I have really been enjoying using my fingers for the contour shade and a brush for the concealer and highlight.

IMG_2069 (2).JPG

As with almost all Makeup Revolution products the highlight in the top right corner is amazing. I probably can’t rave about it enough but for my everyday makeup I have recently been using this under my eyebrows and not so much on the tops of my cheeks because for some reason I’ve fallen out of love with that for everyday wear! Shocking I know! I use a brush to apply this as it’s more precise but it leaves such a lovely cool glow.

A More Dramatic Look 

I still stick to the same contour shade but I mix it with the next shade up for my cheeks because I like it to look a bit more sculpted for an evening out which is normally when I would be doing a heavier makeup look. However, I stick to my normal routine for my forehead and jawline or it would look ridiculous on my skin tone!

However, for a more dramatic look the highlighter really makes if for this palette, Makeup Revolution have some amazing powder highlighters so I wasn’t really surprised when this one truly delivered! I use this not only on my brow bone but for an evening look I love applying this to the tops of my cheeks because it’s more than just a natural glow it’s more just like  a pure glow and it’s amazing!


Overall I would definitely recommend this palette to everyone! It’s one that brilliant for people that are already into makeup but also such a good price for people to buy to practice with cream contour makeup. As I said before as well it’s an all in one palette that’s good for every look. Let me know if you’ve ever used this palette or what cream contour products you use!



Christmas Blogger Gift Swap

Scrolling through twitter the other day I noticed someone I follow post about a Christmas blogger gift swap, I clicked the link to her blog where she explained all about the idea and thought I would join in all the fun!

Available only to people in the UK, this whole idea has been arranged by Viola @violahelen  to try and get more bloggers interacting with each other and to share gifts at Christmas time which is such a lovely idea and sounds like so much fun!

Here are the things you need to do to get involved:

  • Fill out the Google form here and wait for a confirmation email.
  • Write a blog post about this event within five days of receiving confirmation so that we can get as many bloggers involved as possible!
  • Once paired up, get to know your fellow blogger, buy their gifts and send them off!

The key dates will be as follows:

  • 1st November: Deadline for completing the submission form
  • 6th November (or earlier): Find out your blogger partner
  • 17th December: Send off your gifts to your blogger pair

I hope you all get involved as it sounds like such a lovely project and a brilliant way to get to know new and different bloggers, to make it easier you can search the   hashtag on twitter and instagram. Christmas is one of my favourite times of year so what better way to share it than with little gifts, it’s almost like a more exciting version of secret santa!!



*Due to the nature of this post images are stock images.

Review: Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer for Under Eye

I’m not a huge concealer lover and only have a small collection of mainly drugstore concealers but as winter will soon be here and my under eyes going through a bad phase of darkness I decided to try something a bit more heavy duty and heavy duty this is!


The packaging of this is pretty standard but nice all the same. It comes in a box to keep it protected and the product itself is in a squeezy tube. The hole where the concealer comes from is a nice size, not too small and not too big which makes it easy to use and apply with no mess.

IMG_2024 (2).JPG

Colour Match

I have the shade 2 which I think is a good match to balance out the colour under my eyes, however, I wouldn’t use this as a concealer on the rest of my face though just because it wouldn’t really match as well and it doesn’t blend in very easily.


This has got to be one of the thickest concealers I have ever used and this is one of those products that needs to be warmed up in your fingers to have a nice application because it’s so thick. I tried just using a brush and it took so long to spread anywhere and didn’t look anywhere near as smooth and nice on the face. It doesn’t really feel heavy or as if it’s sitting on your skin which is a bonus considering how thick it is!

IMG_2033 (2).JPG

Lasting Power 

For me, this is much more of an evening or special event concealer because although it’s thick and it doesn’t go patch or move around my face it does tend to crease after a while. If you’re willing or have the time during the day to touch this up you might really like it for every day use but I much prefer using this on the odd occasion especially as I have dry skin.

Overall, the High Coverage Concealer for Under Eye is an expensive product at £24 for 8ml but this is definitely a full coverage product that you need the smallest amount for so will last a good while. If you’re in the market for a heavy duty concealer this is so worth checking out because I really like this one.